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A lightweight downtime system hack for Hamish Cameron's Cyberpunk TTRPG: The Sprawl.

One of the components lacking in The Sprawl is a downtime system. Many players make do without one, rolling some actions into the Legwork phase that are downtime-like. For some groups that works great! But as someone who has been interested in Blades in the Dark, a downtime system seemed like a good way to have more structured downtime, where the players could develop their characters and perform actions not usually as mission-focused. That does not mean those actions won't have consequences though, it is up to the MC to figure out what consequences would be most interesting.

This list reflects the group I’m playing with at the time of its creation. There may be some obvious playbook moves that fit in here that I missed as well. I am extremely open to feedback and suggestions so feel free to leave some!

Moves were inspired by John Harper's Blades in the Dark and Zed Fraank's "Downtime in the Sprawl" guide. There are some more downtime-oriented moves from The Sprawl itself in here too. 

Special thanks to Lucas "Strix" Haasum for looking the guide over and giving me feedback and for Hamish Cameron himself for creating The Sprawl! 


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